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Betting and Bet Types Glossary

This is a bet consisting four or more selections, all of which must come off for you to win. In this type of bet odds are multiplying with each other. The US term for an accumulator is a "parlay". Example: You bet on Man U to win (odds 1.5), Liverpool to win (1.8), Arsenal to win (1.4) and Newcastle to draw (3.0), if they all come off you win your stake x 11.34.

Ante Post
Ante Post prices are prices available on sporting events at least one day prior to the event starting. AP prices are often bigger than prices on the day of the event but are on an "all in run or not" basis. In return for the chance of better odds, customers risk the fact that if their selection doesn't run, the stake is lost.

Asian Handicap
Function like normal handicaps but the possibility of a draw is eliminated. Either the penalty is not an integer number or all stakes are refunded in case of a draw outcome (fee of 5% is deducted from the refund amount). See also Handicaps.

Used in fold betting.  If you have a large accumulator and you want to use fold betting then you will have a lot of permutations so the overall cost is likely to be a lot.  However if you use bankers this can reduce the overall cost.  Example:
If you choose 8 different selections and you want to put a five-fold bet on, this would be 56 bets, therefore 56 times your stake.  However, if you select 3 of these as bankers, i.e. you are sure they will win, then a five-fold bet is now only ten bets.  This also means though if one of your bankers loses the the whole bet loses regardless of the performance of the rest of your selections.

Buy Points
Buying points allows you to improve the Point Spread or Totals odds of a football or basketball contest by actually buying points for the team you want to wager on.

Bet system, read more about in systems and money management article.

Combination Forecast
If you choose 3 or more selections and want to combine every possible outcome of the selections finishing 1st & 2nd. A Combination Forecast with 3 selections is 6 bets.

Correct Score
A bet that involves correctly predicting the final score of a football game.

The return for a single winning unit.

A bet involving two selections, both of which must come off to win.

Double chance
Combined odds give you the double chance to forecast 2 different outcomes of one event in one bet. Example: You play on Arsenal 1X, Arsenal must not lose for you to win a bet.

Double Result
see Half-Time/Full-Time.

Bet system, read more about in systems and money management article.

Exact score / Set betting
In football this is a bet to forecast the final score in a game, and is based on the number of goals scored by each team. In tennis or darts, a wager that involves correctly predicting the sets won by each of the participants in a match.

The favourite is the selection in an event that the bookmaker considers most likely to win and is therefore listed at the shortest odds. Also see - 'Unnamed Favourite'.

First Goalscorer
A bet placed on a player to score the first goal in a Football game.

First Tryscorer
A bet placed on a player to score the first try in a Rugby match.

Bet system, read more about in systems and money management article.

A wager that involves correctly predicting the first and second in a particular event. Prices cannot be taken on a forecast - a dividend of how much the forecast pays to a £1 stake is declared after the race. Also see - 'Reversed Forecast'.

Bet system, read more about in systems and money management article.

Half-time Results
A bet predicting the score of a game at half-time.

Half-time / Full-time
A one bet with a single price predicting the result after both 45 and 90 minutes. Both must come off for a return.

This is similar to fixed odds betting except the favourite has to overcome a handicap to win. A handicap is created to give a roughly equal chance to both teams. The underdog will be given a head start of a particular number of goals/points, and the favorite will be handicapped by the same number of points. As shown on the betting form in brackets, the predetermined number of goals/points will be added to the real result and make up the right bet. See also Asian handicap. Example of Handicaps:
Arsenal vs. Liverpool (handicap 0:1)
Liverpool starts with a goal ahead. Therefore Arsenal must win by 2 goals or more. Otherwise, all bets on Arsenal lose.

Head to Head
You have to forecast which out of two competitors will win the competition or have the best time.

Bet system, read more about in systems and money management article.

In Running
A term used to describe a race or event that is in progress.

In-Running Betting
This is when odds are offered on an event which is actually in progress. The odds are updated throughout an event depending on how play is going, and the market is usually offered on sporting events which are being covered live on Television. Mainly Football but also Golf, Cricket and Tennis. Useful if a good team goes a goal behind early in a game but you think they will go on to win it as the odds are now better because they are a goal behind.  After Wolves beat Leicester this season, you could of got 100-1 on them at half-time time as they 3-0 down!

When a bookmaker accepts a bet - they will say they have laid Tiger Woods if they have taken a bet on him.

The best bet of the day in the opinion of a specific tipster.

The price that a bookmaker offers for an selection to win a specified event. The smaller the price, the more chance the selection has of winning in the opinion of the bookmaker.

When the amount you win is more than your stake.

Odds Compiler
The person working for the bookmaker who sets the odds.

Any selection with a price less than even money. If you back an Odds-On selection then your winnings will be less than your stake, e.g..£100 on a horse at 1/2 would win you £50. £100 on a horse at 4/5 would win £80.

Off the Board
A term used to show the bookmaker is no longer accepting bets on an event.

Gives you the chance to forecast the winner of a tournament, a championship or a race. Place betting is here also possible.

A bet predicting whether the total number of goals in a sporting event will be over or under the given number. Most popular in football matches but also offered in Basketball. Except goals over's/under's can be used for corners, fouls, cards...

American term for accumulator bet.

Bet system, read more about in systems and money management article.

This refers to a selection coming second, third or fourth in an event. The positions which are considered to be placed depends on the size of the field (e.g. in a race with only 5-7 participants, only second and third count as placed).

The start that the favourite gives to the underdog mainly quoted in US sports.

See 'Odds'.

The total money a customer gets back from a successful bet - this includes winnings and stake

Reversed Forecast
Consists of two separate bets. When a forecast bet is reversed the 2 selections can finish 1st and 2nd in either order.

Rule 4
When a horse is withdrawn and there is insufficient time to form a new market the remaining horses in the race are subject to a deduction if they win or are placed. In some instances this can apply to other sports. See Horse Racing rules.

In a football game this involves predicting the first goal scorer and the correct score in 90 minutes. A special price is quoted for both happening.

A straight bet on one event, e.g. Southampton to beat Leeds Utd.

Spread Betting
A volatile type of betting that could see the punter reap huge returns of equally large losses.

Starting Price
The Starting Price (or S. P.) is the final price that a horse or dog is returned at once the race has run. If a price is not taken when placing a bet, it will be automatically settled at the returned S. P.

A horse backed significantly on the morning of the race, causing its odds to shorten markedly.

A special type of accumulator bet, allows you to adjust the point spread in your favor.

Three-Ball Betting
A wager offered in Golf tournaments where three players are matched against each other to see who can shoot a round of golf (18 Holes) in the lowest score. Dead-Heat rules apply in Three Ball betting.

The sign language in which bookmakers communicate with each other on the course.

Top Batsman/Top Bowler
The highest scoring batsman, or the leading wicket taker, for one particular team in a cricket game - the bet is for the 1st Innings Only unless specified otherwise.

A one bet involving three selections from different events which must all come off for a return.

A wager that involves correctly predicting the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in a particular event. A straight tricast consists of 1 bet and the selections must finish in the exact order given - a Combination Tricast means the selections can finish in any order, but this means paying for more individual bets, eg. a combination tricast with 4 selections is 24 bets.

A Trixie is a multiple bet consisting of 4 bets with 3 selections. The bet breakdown is 3 doubles and 1 treble.

Two-Ball Betting
A wager offered in Golf tournaments where two players who are matched against each other to see who can shoot a round of golf (18 Holes) in the lowest score. In Two-Ball betting a Tie price is offered. Also see Three-Ball Betting.

Un-Named Favourite
If you place a bet on the un-named favourite in a horse or dog race, you are automatically on the selection which returns the shortest Starting Price - also see 'Favourite'.

Winner of full-time result (Line, 1X2, 1-2)
You have to forecast which team or player will win the game. Common outcomes are: home win (1), away win (2) and if applicable draw (X).

Winning Margin
A wager that involves predicting the difference in scores between two competing teams. Usually offered in Rugby matches and American Football.

Bet system, read more about in systems and money management article.


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